DEFRA’s latest announcement of funding is important news: £2.7 million is now available through The Local Authority Treescapes Fund for local authorities to plant or naturally regenerate trees across communities to revitalise neglected green spaces

Pinhoe has lost so many hedgerows from development. Flooding is a problem in several areas across the village. Our community field is sadly neglected. Ash die-back will affect tree lines in Station Rd Playing Fields, Eastern Fields and beyond.

Let’s look at the funding: “This is aimed at establishing more trees in non-woodland settings such as in riverbanks, hedgerows, parklands, urban areas, beside roads and footpaths, in copses and shelterbelts, including neglected, disused and vacant community spaces. Trees in these settings are particularly valuable as they can provide the greatest levels of benefit to ecosystems and society, such as carbon absorption, flood protection and support for biodiversity, as well as connecting fragmented habitats”

How about we track Pinn Brook across the village : from magnificent hedgerow trees in Cheynegate Lane, through Eastern Fields and the playing fields to Monkerton, leading to the Brook’s natural floodplain by the Scout Hut: our community field. This route would support ash die-back areas in our parks and could regenerate our neglected community field, transforming it into an area rich with biodiversity which would hold floodwater in an amazing wildlife habitat

Applications will be led at County level, so with local councillor and acknowledged tree-man David Harvey working with newly elected Tracy Adams, Pinhoe should be in a good place. Especially since there’s an opportunity to work with East Devon District Council (our field is in their area) and connect DCC plans for Langaton Lane to become a “GREEN LANE”.

There’s not much time – the deadline for applications is 31st May

Would YOU like to work on an application? Do you have ANOTHER idea? Get in touch with the Forum and let’s develop some local support. Working with communities is an important part of this application process, so let’s get behind a plan!