RESPONSE from local councillor

DEFRA TREE FUND / 11 May 2021

Thank you very much for the Email and the ideas.
The City Council’s Parks and Open Spaces team are always to keen to hear ideas on green initiatives of all types unfortunately we often do not possess the resources to implement these ideas.
I am sure that officers are aware of this funding opportunity but I will remind them and advise them of your thoughts. As with most Govt initiatives despite a fanfare of publicity the actual amount of funding is small and the process competitive. This process is at County level and I am sure I do not need to remind you that Devon is Tory controlled and that the chances of an urban project receiving County support is minimal, even if that were to be the case the project would then need to win approval at National level.
If successful absolutely fantastic but I would caution against raising hopes as there is always a great distance between Govt announcements and implementation. We shall do our very best but in all likelihood have little chance of success. In the meantime ECC will continue to work to maintain and develop our green spaces 

Cllr David Harvey
Pinhoe Ward
Labour Party
Lead Councillor City Management
Exeter City Council
10th May 2021
Hi David,

Interesting announcement from Defra to start the week! I’ve put info about the funding on the Pinhoe website and it’s getting a lot of hits today:

Knowing your own concerns about ash dieback in Pinhoe, this looks a great opportunity; I’m really interested in your thoughts and looking forward to working positively together.

With all best wishes,