Speed Cameras for Pinhoe

In the summer of 2021 we ran a number of polls on our social media pages, to see whether people in Pinhoe felt speed cameras would help with traffic speeds across the village.

After resounding public support, Pinhoe Village successfully applied to the Vision Zero fund for a camera with 3 separate location brackets.

At the end of March 2022, we ran another poll to test options for camera locations:

Vision Zero have asked WHERE we’d like our new speed cameras for Pinhoe so they can coordinate with the Community Speedwatch Team. Their safety assessment teams will identify the exact positions, so please vote for roads / streets where you see the biggest problems with speeding >

Comments included the following main points:

“It’s getting very busy around Pinhoe, even the pedestrian crossings aren’t safe. It’s a good idea to have cameras”

“I jog around Pinhoe and there are certain roads where the speeds are crazy! My top 3 are: Tithebarn Way, it’s a race track from the roundabout to the speed bumps and trying to cross as a pedestrian is dangerous as there’s no crossings either, particularly at the top of Pinn Lane to get to the footpath. Causey Lane – again far too fast especially at night despite parked cars. Main Road – supposedly a 20 zone from the bridge but that’s ignored”

“We live in Honey Lane and our garden backs onto the main road. The speeds I hear cars going at on the main road are ridiculous. Would also say on Harrington Lane, when taking my kids to school, cars are often going at dangerous speeds”

“Cars slow down for the speed camera in West Clyst, then speed back up again heading into Pinhoe.”

“The speed they go past Mosshayne Lane is ridiculous, especially motorbikes! I was pulling out of our drive along there the other day and a car was overtaking another car having just gone through the speed camera towards Broadclyst!”

“As much as I see the need for the speed cameras I feel they may increase the likelihood of accidents. As people speed then slow down then speed up again once passed, especially if they aren’t used to seeing them they could cause people to brake hard to avoid getting flashed which increases the chance of an accident (I know they shouldn’t be speeding in the first place). In my opinion the cameras worked best when they were hidden, as you had to stick to the limits as you didn’t know where they were.”

“Don’t install any cameras, they are just seen as a cash cow. Put up a couple signs with the image of a camera, that works just as well. And have a police officer walking around occasionally, watching the drivers”

“I think Harrington Lane, its a good stretch of road that some car speed down and there is no traffic system in place. I’ve just been to the park with my two little ones and walked back and seen two car speed down the road and they certainly weren’t doing 20. Plus the school is along that road too”

“I liked where original camera near the library on venny bridge as motorists did slow down if not got a fine”

“Being a local delivery driver in the area I would say Harrington Lane because of the school. Children’s safety is paramount. They need a new speed hump along Tithebarn Way at the junction with Pinn Lane as it’s so dangerous getting out of there on that blind bend and would help with pedestrians crossing”