Experienced candidates have emerged with strong ties to local councils:

Paul Arnott, the Liberal Democrat candidate, is Leader of East Devon District Council and is campaigning as a “genuine local champion”. Dan Wilson is running as an Independent with a strong record as a councillor in Exmouth. Peter Faithfull, also an Independent, is a councillor on East Devon District Council. Olly Davey, voted as Mayor of Exmouth, works across East Devon council committees and is standing for the Green Party.

Labour candidate, Helen Dallimore, is new to local government but an experienced and capable lawyer. Conservative candidate David Reed has been active across the area and Garry Sutherland is standing for the Reform Party with no previous political experience. Mark Baldwin is standing for the Climate Party.

While national press are focusing on the contest between Liberal Democrat Richard Foord and Conservative Simon Jupp (both MPs in the last parliament) in the new constituency of Honiton and Sidmouth, voting patterns for Exmouth and Exeter East are an unknown quantity for the 2024 general election.